Our Community

Ensuring local communities engage with Construction projects is key to Iconic. Regular liaison with our neighbours either through Project Update Newsletters, meetings or more informal, regular face to face contact helps us create good relationships and as far as possible limit the impact the construction process will have on our neighbours and local communities.

The majority of our projects are registered to the Considerate Contractors Scheme, meaning we endeavour to exceed the statutory requirements in terms of our commitment to reducing the direct and indirect impact of construction projects on both communities and the environment.

Iconic is also in the process of engaging with local schools and higher education establishments to offer site visits and insights into our construction project processes as well as information and advice on the variety of roles and careers available to them in the construction industry.

We have recently raised money for a local charity at our Old Street project by engaging the Iconic site team, client team and subcontractors in sports events and other activities. This has helped strengthen our relationships and allow us to give something back to the community. We will now look to continue this idea on our future projects going forward as we seek to continually improve our work in the community.

Please see below names of the charities we sponsor:

  1. Tindlemanor: http://www.tindlemanor.co.uk/
  2. Ladybridge FC: http://www.ladybridgefc.co.uk/
  3. Parthenope FC: https://twitter.com/fcparthenope?lang=en
  4. Muscular Dystrophy UK: http://www.musculardystrophyuk.org/