At Iconic our people are our most valued asset. Each project Iconic tenders, procures, constructs and hands over is a result of their collective input. To ensure that our client gets the best possible service Iconic employs only the best possible candidates with well rounded experience and a pro-active approach to work. Crucially Iconic’s team members are chosen for their ability to be client focused anticipating the client requirements.
At Iconic the importance of being part of a team is always at the fore, our people are encouraged to see themselves as part of a larger team as Iconic and with the client.


Company Directors

Gavin Mayles


Gavin is experienced in networking and developing partnerships that become the bedrock to successful delivery. Gavin has a proven track record of success in delivering multi-disciplined projects and has proven crucial to Iconic’s success.

Email: gavin@iconicbuild.co.uk

Peter Needham


Peter has been in the Construction Industry since 1962. He has successfully steered a wide variety of projects over the years, as far ranging as a nuclear shelter and the restoration of a World War One bomber hangar. As Construction Director it is Peter’s experience in the industry that is drawn upon time and again to ensure our client projects are a success.

Email: peter@iconicbuild.co.uk

Harp Dulai


Harp implements and maintains financial control of the project. He liaises closely with the team to ensure the financial parameters of the project are ‘always’ in line with the Client team expectations. His experience in gauging the requirements of the project and ‘marry’ these to the subcontractor’s qualities i.e. experience, value for money, financial stability, is exceptional.

Email: harp@iconicbuild.co.uk