About Us

Iconic is a London based construction business with a wealth of experience in several sectors including residential, medical, commercial and hotels. We focus on delivering challenging projects in a safe and timely manner. We believe in innovative thinking and empowering our teams to seek solutions for clients that lead to successful projects. Our business is based on customer satisfaction. We value the relationships that we have cultivated and are always looking for opportunities to work with new people.


Who we are

Iconic is a company with a wealth of experience in the difficult London market. Our personnel both on and off the construction site are key to our success. We have built a reputation on delivering difficult projects by combining traditional building know-how and using the latest building processes. Our focus is always on the client and ensuring that at every stage of the construction process their needs are met. 


Developing trust is key to developing repeat business and repeat business is good business. It is our aim on every project that the client finishes the process wanting to re-engage with us in the future. We believe that communication is cornerstone to developing trust – before we send an email or write a letter we pick up the phone or arrange a meeting.


Iconic’s formative years were spent in the competitive high-end landed estates market producing some of the finest quality homes in the country. We are well aware of where quality comes from. For us the process of delivering a quality product starts from appointment of the first subcontractor in our approved supply chain – it is in the fabric of the building before any finishes are applied and by using artisans and tradesmen works are finished impeccably.


Our first priority is safety – the safety of the operatives on site and the general public. We believe that everyone deserves to be able to go to work in a safe environment and return home fit and well at the end of each day. At Iconic safety is a culture. We educate our operatives and ask them to challenge conventional thinking and by doing this they engage and become a part of the health and safety system. We are confident in our health and safety practices and are regularly audited by our external health and safety advisors RHSS. RHSS has helped Iconic develop systems that safely manage our projects in the challenging sectors in which we operate.


At Iconic we believe value can be added at every stage of our involvement –

  • During the tender process through Value Engineering options
  • During the planning process through reductions in programme and innovative thinking
  • During the procurement process through our specialist and approved supply chain offering value engineering options through experience
  • During the construction process by having the right management systems in place